Team Building Menus

Choose from one of our popular team building menus below or we will work with you to create to create a unique culinary event for your organization from scratch. Culinary team building events utilize products grown or produced in Cleveland. Some of the products come right out of Cleveland Culinary Launch & Kitchen which is located next to and part of Kitchen 216. All culinary team building events include a tour of Cleveland Culinary Launch & Kitchen.

Totally Tacos

Soft Tacos are the newest culinary craze in the country today. Create your team winning taco with just the right amount of seasoning.

Investment: $110 per person

Cookies Rock!

Baking up the perfect cookie requires team precision. The cookie dough is provided by Cookie Cutter Bakery, a recent graduate of CCLK.

Investment: $95 per person.

Sushi Rolls

Sushi rolling is an art that is fun to learn and great for teams to learn together. Too much pressure and they crumble – the sushi, not the teams.

Investment: $125 per person

Pizza 216

America’s favorite food provides a litany of choices for a team to make. What type of sauce? How many toppings? What will the pizza be called?

Investment: $115

Muffins Galore

Every team starts with the same batter but choices on fillings and toppings abound. Which team can quickly determine the best combination to create an award winning muffin.

Investment: $75 per person.

Kitchen 216 has a full liquor license and catering service. Adding appetizers and beverages to a team building activity is a great way to complete the experience.

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