Team Building

Kitchen Team Building Events

All of our team-building cooking classes feature deluxe custom menus. Kitchen 216 staff will consult with you to create the perfect menu for your group. Team-building classes include a friendly staff to greet you and your guests and a menu carefully prepared by everyone in the group. You will enjoy private use of our beautifully equipped kitchen, expert instruction, outstanding service, and loads of fun! We have a full liquor license so we can also accommodate any of your requests. Additionally, each guest will receive a copy of each recipe.

Our team-building events help bring results to the table. In the course of an afternoon or evening, the event will challenge, engage and entertain all those who attend, so that they better understand each other, better communicate with one another, and build stronger working relationships. In this engaging environment, your team will build to help you build and grow your business.

How does it work?

Each event takes place in our state of the art kitchen where your team will become familiar with new techniques, skills, and food styles. Our associated chefs are well-seasoned in many cuisines and global styles of cooking. We take the fear factor out of the equation: working with people who are comfortable in the kitchen, with people who are afraid of the kitchen, and with people who don’t really care about the kitchen.

When your group arrives we introduce them to the chef, instructors, and staff. We then walk them through the menu, the tasks, the challenges they face, and help them work their way to a perfectly presented gourmet meal. At the end of the session, we lead your team in a discussion about what we learned, and how the challenges encountered were overcome.

There are no cookie-cutter events. We custom design each menu and each session. Whether you choose a collaborative hands-on instruction class, or a learning based demonstration class, you will find your team engaged, entertained and educated.

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